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The United Kingdom Property Network is a collaboration of real estate agents and individuals offering properties for sale in British .

By combining the marketing power and resources of multiple real estate agents, a high profile internet presence and traditional marketing methods, The United Kingdom Property Network can offer property sellers a powerful tool for selling your United Kingdom properties.

And for property buyers, The United Kingdom Property Network offers an extensive database of United Kingdom properties to choose from and access to a large selection of professional real estate agents specialising in property British .

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The United Kingdom Property Network will rapidly become one of the largest real estate networks in United Kingdom and one of the most important sources of potential clients (leads) for your United Kingdom property.

We are looking for real estate agents and real estate professionals with quality properties to join The United Kingdom Property Network. We are currently offering all estate agents and individuals 6 months of unlimited property listings completely FREE, with no obligations to continue.

We are confident that membership with The United Kingdom Property Network will quickly prove its value. We will then be charging a sundry monthly fee for UNLIMITED property listing membership (NOT for each property listed!).

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The powerful real estate software behind The Spanish Property Network was developed by our business partner Cyber Creative S.L. They are a web development company based on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Cyber Creative has been building real estate software and websites for over 6 years and have become specialised in the area.

All joining members who do not currently have any real estate software and wish to use this powerful solution will be granted another 6 months membership FREE for unlimited property listings within the Spanish Property Network when you purchase or rent the software.

There are two options for adding properties to
The United Kingdom Property Network.

1) Directly through www.ukpropertynetwork.com or

Currently adding properties to The Network is free for 6 months. You will be able to access your own admin area on this website and add and manage your properties. You will receive some code to place on your website to display properties from the Network and to allow your website visitors to search and contact you. This option means that all properties you list will be shared accross the network.

2) Through your own copy of the software on your own website.

The other solution is to purchase or rent a copy of the real estate software. This option is far more flexible and gives you full control over your properties. You can choose which properties to share and which properties to show on your website. Further information and demos for the software as well as complete real estate website packages can be found at www.onlinepropertysolutions.com

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UK Property News

  • CIH launches comprehensive review after income falls

    The Chartered Institute of Housing will ‘comprehensively review’ areas of the organisation making less money following a 2 per cent drop in income in 2013.
  • Regulator refuses request to use homes as pensions security

    Two Scottish housing associations have been blocked from using homes as security against their pension deficits.
  • Care provider signs ninth deal with developer

    A care provider has signed its ninth deal, for a 35-year lease agreement, with Castleoak.
  • Average housing benefit claim processed a week late

    Local authorities took longer than three weeks to process housing benefit claims on average, a week longer than their target time.
  • £50m announced for infrastructure to unlock housing developments

    The Communities and Local Government department has announced today a new £50 million investment fund to help large-scale housing developments to get off the ground.
  • Not a Good Idea

    One to be filed under ‘Do not do this, ever’.

    R (Grimshaw) v LB Southwark [2013] EWHC 4504 (Admin) [Not on Bailii, I've seen a transcript]

    This started out well enough, as a judicial review claim of Southwark’s decision to terminate temporary accommodation. Soon after issue and interim relief had been granted, Southwark entered into discussions and, on 10 December 2012, an offer of accommodation was made to and accepted by the Claimant. Thus, one would have thought, the claim was effectively settled and its purpose fulfilled.

    Nobody told the Admin Court. On 19 December 2012, the claim was given permission on the papers, with no update on the situation … Read the full post

  • Bishop delivering food poverty letter to Cameron's office met by police

    David Cameron’s constituency office called the police as the Bishop of Oxford and Reverend Hebden tried to present an open letter on food poverty.
  • Changes to CIL will not deliver homes, say developers

    Government changes to the community infrastructure levy and section 106 regime will not deliver more homes, 75 per cent of developers polled at a recent seminar said.
  • Protest at landlord's HQ over suspended staff member

    A protest will take place today in London outside a housing association’s headquarters in support of a suspended staff member.
  • To make housing affordable requires more than tinkering around the edges | Jonathan Portes

    There's a growing realisation that house price inflation makes the UK increasingly unequal. The government must take action on three fronts

    In parts of London, the ratio of house prices to average earnings is now 20 to one or even higher, and hardly a day goes by without stories of new luxury flats being snapped up by rich foreigners, who intend to hold them as investments rather than actually living in them or even letting them out. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the UK, ministers are intending to relax the requirements for new developments to include "affordable" housing. And new "garden cities" won't have to include any affordable homes at all. So does the UK face a crisis of "housing affordability"?

    For economists, this is an odd question. Of course houses are "affordable": there's a market, and people buy and sell them at prices that, by definition, they can afford, at least for now. The complaint is not that nobody can "afford" to buy a house in Kensington, Cambridge, or the places that people most want to live. Instead, it's that too many people can afford to pay too much, and that prices are therefore too high, meaning that many other people have to live in accommodation that is either less conveniently located or smaller and less comfortable than they would like.

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