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The United Kingdom Property Network is a collaboration of real estate agents and individuals offering properties for sale in British .

By combining the marketing power and resources of multiple real estate agents, a high profile internet presence and traditional marketing methods, The United Kingdom Property Network can offer property sellers a powerful tool for selling your United Kingdom properties.

And for property buyers, The United Kingdom Property Network offers an extensive database of United Kingdom properties to choose from and access to a large selection of professional real estate agents specialising in property British .

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The United Kingdom Property Network will rapidly become one of the largest real estate networks in United Kingdom and one of the most important sources of potential clients (leads) for your United Kingdom property.

We are looking for real estate agents and real estate professionals with quality properties to join The United Kingdom Property Network. We are currently offering all estate agents and individuals 6 months of unlimited property listings completely FREE, with no obligations to continue.

We are confident that membership with The United Kingdom Property Network will quickly prove its value. We will then be charging a sundry monthly fee for UNLIMITED property listing membership (NOT for each property listed!).

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The powerful real estate software behind The Spanish Property Network was developed by our business partner Cyber Creative S.L. They are a web development company based on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Cyber Creative has been building real estate software and websites for over 6 years and have become specialised in the area.

All joining members who do not currently have any real estate software and wish to use this powerful solution will be granted another 6 months membership FREE for unlimited property listings within the Spanish Property Network when you purchase or rent the software.

There are two options for adding properties to
The United Kingdom Property Network.

1) Directly through www.ukpropertynetwork.com or

Currently adding properties to The Network is free for 6 months. You will be able to access your own admin area on this website and add and manage your properties. You will receive some code to place on your website to display properties from the Network and to allow your website visitors to search and contact you. This option means that all properties you list will be shared accross the network.

2) Through your own copy of the software on your own website.

The other solution is to purchase or rent a copy of the real estate software. This option is far more flexible and gives you full control over your properties. You can choose which properties to share and which properties to show on your website. Further information and demos for the software as well as complete real estate website packages can be found at www.onlinepropertysolutions.com

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UK Property News

  • Report reveals future care funding fears

    More than seven in 10 people lack confidence they will be able to afford care services in the future, a survey has found.
  • London's housing crisis: a week in an emergency housing office video

    As London's housing market booms, the shortage of affordable rental properties is becoming more acute. The Guardian spent a week in the emergency housing office in the north London borough of Enfield. With more than 2,000 people on the waiting list for council properties, and the cap on housing benefit forcing people to accept lower quality housing, we found frontline staff struggling to keep up with their caseloads in a week that further redundancies were announced Continue reading...
  • Enfield tears up rules in radical attempt to ease housing problem

    Pushed into a corner by soaring prices, greedy landlords and a cap on benefits, one London council has embarked on a daring set of untested policies to provide more public housing

    Video: a week inside Enfields emergency housing office

    Christina is at breaking point. The thing is, so are the people shes asking for help.

    Christina and her three kids have nowhere to stay. Their private landlord chucked them out after she fell behind on the rent, poleaxed by the coalitions cap on welfare benefits. When they pitched up at Enfield councils homelessness centre last night, officers sent them to a hostel. Her appointment this morning will decide where the family sleeps tonight.

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  • Tenants to benefit from Commonwealth Games furniture

    Tenants in Glasgow are to benefit from a massive collection of furniture from the 2014 Commonwealth Games’ athletes’ village.
  • Social tenant survey reveals extent of dissatisfaction with landlords

    • One-third of tenants believe landlord listens to them
    • London and Northern Ireland tenants unhappiest with service
    • Just 28% of residents claim to fully understand welfare reforms

    Only a third of social housing tenants are satisfied their landlord listens to them, while little more than a fifth (22%) believe their landlord cares about them and their family, a survey has revealed.

    Tenants in the north west were most satisfied with their social landlords, with more than half saying they were happy with their level of service. Tenants in Northern Ireland and Greater London were the least happy, with only a third satisfied with their landlord.

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  • Survey reveals deep dissatisfaction with landlords

    Most social housing tenants do not believe their landlords listen to them or care about them, a survey has found. 
  • Contractor signs £5m deal with Hyde

    A contractor has signed a £5m repairs and maintenance deal with a London housing association. 
  • Private landlords 'should get tax breaks'

    Private landlords should be given financial incentives to sign up to national accreditation schemes, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has said.
  • Increased student numbers are worsening the housing crisis

    Business is booming for student housing developers, but its often at the expense of families in need of affordable housing

    In autumn 2013, when George Osborne lifted the cap on how many students each university can take, he fired the starting pistol for increased competition in the higher education sector. The best universities will prosper and poorer performers could suffer. But has anyone really thought through the effect this will have on the housing market?

    There are about 2.5 million students in UK higher education and an extra 30,000 places have been created this year. Traditionally, students lived in halls of residence or shared private houses, but an increasing number of private companies are building and managing bespoke blocks for students. Business is booming. Savills, an estate agency, reports yields of almost 14% and predicts £2.5bn will be spent on student housing schemes this year, significantly more than the Homes and Communities Agency invests in affordable housing.

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  • Bedroom tax and human rights: The UT has a go

    I’ve got two Upper Tribunal decisions on bedroom tax appeals, both from Scotland. Both concern human rights related cases. One concerns what sounds like a fairly hopeless and sadly not well argued case based on disability. The other is considerably more significant and concerns article 8 and shared care of children.

    CSH 374 2014 [decision can be downloaded here]
    The appellant was subject to the 14% deduction on one bedroom. He was the sole tenant and occupant of a two bedroom property. He apparently is disabled. At the First Teir Tribunal, it was apparently argued by the tenant’s representative that:

    The amended Housing Benefit Regulations are themselves discriminatory

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