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The United Kingdom Property Network is a collaboration of real estate agents and individuals offering properties for sale in British .

By combining the marketing power and resources of multiple real estate agents, a high profile internet presence and traditional marketing methods, The United Kingdom Property Network can offer property sellers a powerful tool for selling your United Kingdom properties.

And for property buyers, The United Kingdom Property Network offers an extensive database of United Kingdom properties to choose from and access to a large selection of professional real estate agents specialising in property British .

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The United Kingdom Property Network will rapidly become one of the largest real estate networks in United Kingdom and one of the most important sources of potential clients (leads) for your United Kingdom property.

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Currently adding properties to The Network is free for 6 months. You will be able to access your own admin area on this website and add and manage your properties. You will receive some code to place on your website to display properties from the Network and to allow your website visitors to search and contact you. This option means that all properties you list will be shared accross the network.

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The other solution is to purchase or rent a copy of the real estate software. This option is far more flexible and gives you full control over your properties. You can choose which properties to share and which properties to show on your website. Further information and demos for the software as well as complete real estate website packages can be found at www.onlinepropertysolutions.com

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UK Property News

  • Christopher Chope MP makes a generous offer

    The Justice Select Committee heard oral evidence on housing legal aid after LASPO today, 21 October 2014. Representatives from HLPA, Shelter and Garden Court Chambers gave evidence. The recording is here, if the video below doesn’t work. In the course of questioning, committee member Christopher Chope, MP for Christchurch, makes the intriguing assertion that every […]

    The post Christopher Chope MP makes a generous offer by Giles Peaker appeared first on Nearly Legal: Housing Law News and Comment.

  • Best warns associations to 'promote homes, not surplus'

    Lord Richard Best has warned housing associations to stress their work in building new homes rather than the size of their surplus.
  • Notting Hill awarded high AA rating by Standard and Poors

    Notting Hill Housing Trust has been awarded an AA credit rating, putting it among the best rated landlords in the country.
  • Politicians need to start talking about homeless people | Jon Sparkes

    Affordable housing is crucial, but we have to make sure that homeless people can benefit from it

    Theres a lot more to housing than just bricks and mortar. True, we are desperately short of affordable homes, and renting and ownership are likely to be leading election issues. But something incredibly important is missing here. We hear a lot about homes, and rightly so, yet we hear next to nothing about homelessness, about the people forced to sleep on the streets, in hostels and squats or on the sofas of friends and family. For these people, house building alone can never be enough and home ownership is a distant dream.

    Its easy for homeless people to feel invisible and ignored. And in the pre-election housing debate, the situation is little different. The Lyons housing review reveals the latest thinking from the Labour party, and while its commitments on housebuilding are welcome, it is disappointingly quiet about homelessness.

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  • Guinness doubles surplus through stock sales

    The Guinness Partnership has almost doubled its surplus to £91.5m after selling off 1,300 homes to other social landlords.
  • New care laws could prove disastrous for housing support services

    The Care Act 2014 ought to improve the integration of housing, health and social care, but not if councils scale back support

    The housing support sector has a lot to be cheerful about. Thanks to the Care Act 2014, councils now have a legal duty to provide preventative health and social care. Finally, home-based support services will get the recognition and contracts they are long overdue.

    Or will they? The Care Act 2014 replaces many previous acts and wiping the legislative slate clean at a time of considerable financial pressure means that local authorities may retrench to doing the statutory minimum and potentially cut thousands of housing, care and support services.

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  • Lyons and London

    Has Labours housing review failed to recommend the very measures the capital most needs?

    Four paragraphs of Sir Michael Lyonss review of the nations housing problems and how to fix them are devoted exclusively to London, but pretty much all its 174 pages are very relevant to the capital. But is it missing some crucial bits? Alex Hilton of Generation Rent thinks the gaps numerous and vast:

    Its not that the report has a lack of ambition, the problem seems to be that the ambition was not to solve the housing crisis but to come up with a set of proposals that neither have a negative impact on house prices nor have any cost implications for the Treasury...

    So this is Labours problem. They dont want to spend any money and they dont want to interfere with a failed housing market. This has left the members of the Lyons group with an unenviable straightjacket and they broadly did the best they could given the constraints. Though even then, you can see a lack of inspiration in the recommendations.

    There is much in it to be welcomed. Our dysfunctional land market is one of the key barriers to house building, so Im delighted to see proposals to tackle land banking such as charging council tax on undeveloped land and shortening the time before a planning permission expires. Proposals to make the land market more transparent must also be warmly welcomed because they will make it easier for SMEs and others to enter a market currently dominated by a relatively small number of volume house builders.

    Arcane Treasury rules currently stymie those councils which are keen to build the housing their residents need. Lyons recommends that local authorities that want to build should be able to take borrowing capacity from those that dont. However, it is disappointing that Lyons does not call for lifting the cap on council borrowing for investment in housing altogether.

    Investment in housing pays for itself through rents. No other EU country counts public borrowing for building homes towards national debt, treating it instead as commercial borrowing. Labour should be making the case that borrowing for housing differs from almost any other kind of borrowing.

    The role of central government grant is crucial in making sure that genuinely affordable housing and by that I mean homes at target rents and not the Coalition phony affordable rents is provided in sufficient numbers. The report fails to meet the widespread demand for the cap on HRA borrowing to be removed or at least raised...raising the cap and the other ideas for borrowing do not in themselves guarantee target rents - for that, either grant or cross-subsidy is required. Here I think the report is weak and reflects the caution displayed by Ed Balls in his Conference speech and subsequently...

    There is an important discussion [in Lyons] of the downside of the affordable rent model higher rents leading to unaffordability and a growing demand for housing benefit and the need for a benefits to bricks policy. But ultimately the report fails to go where the logic of its argument takes it there must be a significant increase in the level of government capital grant if the Labour Partys ambitions to build more genuinely affordable homes and to bring the cost of housing benefit down are to be fully realised.

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  • Benefit overpayments linked to increase of in-work claimants

    An increase in the overpayments of housing benefit could be because of an increase in the number of claimants in work, according to the spending watchdog.
  • Financial turmoil leads to cheap housing association debt

    Turmoil in the global financial markets allowed a housing association to secure the cheapest debt the sector has seen in decades.
  • Watchdog fines council £1,000 for pregnant woman 'gatekeeping'

    A London borough has been ordered to pay £1,000 and apologise to a homeless mother who officers told were ‘wasting their time’.