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The United Kingdom Property Network is a collaboration of real estate agents and individuals offering properties for sale in British .

By combining the marketing power and resources of multiple real estate agents, a high profile internet presence and traditional marketing methods, The United Kingdom Property Network can offer property sellers a powerful tool for selling your United Kingdom properties.

And for property buyers, The United Kingdom Property Network offers an extensive database of United Kingdom properties to choose from and access to a large selection of professional real estate agents specialising in property British .

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The United Kingdom Property Network will rapidly become one of the largest real estate networks in United Kingdom and one of the most important sources of potential clients (leads) for your United Kingdom property.

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UK Property News

  • Financial freedoms will build hundreds of Welsh homes

    Councils in Wales are set to build hundreds of homes over the next five years as new finance powers are transferred to them at the start of April.
  • Church land used in 'first' for social homes

    A new development in Wales is using surplus church land to build affordable housing.
  • Disability discrimination goes to full trial

    Akerman-Livingstone v Aster Communities Ltd [2015] UKSC 15 When the Court of Appeal held that a disability discrimination defence to possession under Equality Act 2010 had to face the same ‘seriously arguable’ summary test as an Article 8 defence, we were surprised, and very unimpressed. It seems the Supreme Court felt similarly (and unanimously), although sadly […]

    The post Disability discrimination goes to full trial by Giles Peaker appeared first on Nearly Legal: Housing Law News and Comment.

  • Tenants face £70m rent rise as social housing converted to 'affordable' homes

    London housing associations have responded to shortfall in government funding by recategorising tenancies so they can set rents at the highest possible level

    London’s poorest households have been hit by a £70m rent rise as housing associations quietly switch thousands of tenancies to higher rates to make up a shortfall in government funding.

    About 25,000 homes in the capital have been converted from “social” housing to “affordable” since 2012, according to latest figures from the Greater London authority, and thousands more are to follow in a policy that has sparked tenants’ rebellions.

    Related: Housing: are we reaching a tipping point? | Zoe Williams

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  • Housing: are we reaching a tipping point? | Zoe Williams

    Poorly housed people are refusing to keep quiet: groups like the New Era families or Focus E15 mothers show that a source of shame is becoming a spur to action

    When does a personal problem become society’s problem? How many people have to be in a situation before it ceases to be a source of shame and starts to become a spur to action? What’s the tipping point? These questions are thrown up by a new Shelter report, The Flyers and the Triers.

    The phrasing is diplomatic. The “flyers” are defined as having “made minimal sacrifices to buy a home, having received substantial financial and emotional support from family”; “triers”, meanwhile, “struggled for longer to buy a home (if they got there at all). They had less help, and had to rely more on their own efforts.” You could just as well call them the Minted and the Screwed, or go traditional: the Haves and the Have-nots. It is to the credit of the charity how tactful it remains in the face of such blanket evidence of systemic failure.

    Related: London house prices rise more than a solicitor earns in a year

    He’d lost friendships because everyone else had bought and he hadn’t, and they simply had incompatible lifestyles

    Related: The story of the millionaire Tory MP and the tenants facing homelessness | Aditya Chakrabortty

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  • Rooms, Rogues and Renters – what its really like in London

    Rooms, Rogues and Renters - what its really like in London

    Everyone should watch this horrific BBC1 documentary (while it is still on iplayer) showing what it is really like in London today if you are on a modest income and do not own your own property.

    I am from London myself.  I bought a small one bedroomed flat in Blackheath when still in my 20’s (I wish I still had it) – based on my own earnings and without any parental loans – and then moved out in 1988 to Norwich where I now live.

    That would be impossible for anyone today.  Instead they would be faced with the prospect of either commuting in from outside or renting a squalid apartment, probably vermin infested, where the bed takes up most of the floor space.

    Or even just rent the bed!

    This program features our own Ben Reeve Lewis and these are the properties he sees day in day out in his job as an enforcement officer.

    If you are a good landlord you probably can’t imagine landlords behaving like the landlords in this program.  But they do, and this is why we need legislation to prevent retaliatory eviction (thankfully coming soon).

    Let us have your comments below but please only after you have watched the program.

    You will find the program on iplayer here (for a while).

  • What use is the London skyline campaign?

    Opponents of the proliferation of tall buildings in the capital joined forces a year ago but height isn’t the issue that matters most

    As with many campaigns in London against what’s being built and what’s getting knocked down, the Skyline Campaign deserve some sympathy but at the same misses much of the main point. Launched a year ago and backed by the Observer and Architects’ Journal, it issued a founding statement signed by 70 ”public figures” including lots of architects, a hedge fund founder, a few artists, some aesthetes and a Labour mayoral pretender or two.

    You can’t quarrel with its core complaint that – and here I paraphrase – a lot of crap’s being chucked up which neither politicians nor planners seem to have the will or the wherewithal to stop. It speaks to that now familiar bad feeling that property developers are too often given the run of the place. But, at the same time, there’s something about the campaign that goes against the grain. I’ve never felt much affinity with self-appointed guardians of good taste. The Skyline Campaign feels a bit like an alliance of affronted civic worthies declaring war on vulgarity. I get this urge to wipe my nose on my shirt sleeve.

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  • Actor evicted because he let spare room on Airbnb

    While the law is set to change, tenants are still in danger of losing their homes because they sublet – as this story shows

    Leo Cassini, an actor and writer, did not think there would be a problem when he used Airbnb to let the spare room in his central London apartment, where he has lived for 13 years. A filming project had fallen through, and to tide him over financially during the summer he took in guests via Airbnb, usually just for a day or two at a time. But then his landlord discovered he had been subletting – and in two weeks he will be homeless as the landlord enforces an eviction notice.

    Cassini joins many others across the globe who have fallen victim to rental contracts banning tenants from sub-letting, including via websites such as Airbnb. In San Francisco, where Airbnb has its headquarters, tenants have faced orders to quit their homes within three days because they have violated their lease by using the site.

    The government wants to ensure that Britain is the global centre for the sharing economy, enabling individuals and businesses to make the most of their assets, resources, time and skills through a range of online platforms. This budget therefore announces a comprehensive package of measures that will break down barriers, create opportunities for sharing, and unlock the potential of this dynamic and growing area.

    Building on the recommendations of the independent review of the sharing economy, the government will: Make it easier for individuals to sublet a room through its intention to legislate to prevent the use of clauses in private fixed-term residential tenancy agreements that expressly rule out subletting or otherwise sharing space on a short-term basis, and consider extending this prohibition to statutory periodic tenancies.

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  • Join us to debate the election issues that matter to young people

    The Guardian is running a series of events with young experts and Guardian writers in the run up to the general election

    In the run up to the election the Guardian is running a series of events which focus on the issues that affect young voters. Rick Edwards will host a panel of experts and Guardian writers as we explore election issues. From climate change, to freedom of speech and immigration – young people talk and politicians listen.

    The topics and locations of the events will be:

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